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In this way, whether dealing with the spiritually debased or the exaltedly sanctified, Emin's work constitutes a demand that she be entitled her most intimate feelings--and we, by extension, ours.
Like Wilfred Owen in "The Parable of the Old Man and the Young," where despite the angelic injunction Abraham "slew his son, / And half the seed of Europe, one by one," Graham here deflates a story of divine intervention in human violence, reducing both the transcendent ("god") and the exaltedly real ("justice") to a "red eye" of blood.
political apathy--Butler exaltedly realizes the reptilian Bush intimate is his equivalent, the ultimate "supporting player.
Aspiz offers a useful summation of Whitman's attitude in the poem: "No other poetic commemoration of the war so exaltedly embraces the mystery of death, both in terms of national tragedy and as a record of one man's progression through despair, mourning, and a resolution of his own and his nation's anguish" (So Long 189).