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These features must be seen (by students, teacher educators, and researchers) as interconnected and regarded as examinable and problematic in both research and practice.
Sadly, despite its good intentions, it fell prey to the exam-oriented nature of the education system; as it was not an examinable subject, the teachers would often use the civics class period to revisit the more "important" subjects like mathematics or science.
Technical innovation is typically visible, tangible and examinable and its economic effects on the organization are measurable (17).
8) Chief Justice Marshall explained that when "the executive possesses a constitutional or legal discretion, nothing can be more perfectly clear than that their acts are only politically examinable.
The FLHE topics are now part of the examinable content for the carrier subjects.
The course is examinable and compulsory for all first year students.
Gunderson (2007) studied the larger group of students from which this sample was taken and looked at their academic achievement over examinable subjects--Social Studies, Math, Science, and English.
Marshall illustrated this principle by mentioning the Secretary of Foreign Affairs (later retitled Secretary of State) and declaring that the acts of that officer "can never be examinable by the courts.
Therefore, in view of the significance of the subject, WAD urges the Ministry to consider pronouncing "Life Skills" as an examinable subject within schools.
During this time we also missed 3 weeks of examinable content, leaving us at a disadvantage.
A comparison of grades 11 and 12 final grades in the examinable subjects (English, math, science, and social studies) revealed several discrepancies among various first-language groups' achievement.