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Part One is divided into three chapters and examines teaching and learning at multiple levels.
Because teachers have a profound effect on the learning environment in their classrooms and students' attitudes, and given the national importance placed on the teaching of primary science, it was both timely and opportune to examine the factors affecting teachers' perceived self-competence in teaching primary science.
Chapter 6, "Food Matters," examines diet, weight, vitamins, minerals, digestion, cholesterol, food allergies and more.
And Barbara Lewalski, in a fine piece devoted to both the poems and prose works of Milton's last years, examines his role as an active "oppositional educator" (175) who most certainly did not withdraw from politics to a "paradise within.
Instead, Fouad encouraged career counselors to look beyond individual differences and to examine the collectivistic cultural norms that may influence the development of vocational interests in clients from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.
This subanalysis will examine the effect that deferring or discontinuing therapy has on HIV transmission risk behavior and the effect of viral load on risk behavior.
3) Examine the "/etc/ password" file for alterations.
Racino also attempts to examine the issues from a multicultural perspective.
The goal of Phase 2 is to examine epidemiological data that is associated with the particular topic.
That is, an agent can examine multiple years of a taxpayer's return, decline to make any adjustments, permit the statute of limitations to expire, and then propose massive, retroactive adjustments under the purported authority of a [sections] 481(a) adjustment.
Biostatisticians have used these models to examine treatment effectiveness and to analyze survival times resulting from laboratory studies of animals or from clinical studies of humans who have acute diseases.