examine carefully

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Then," said the Nome King, "I will make you this offer: You shall go alone and unattended into my palace and examine carefully all that the rooms contain.
And then you will travel slowly through Bretagne, and will examine carefully the fortifications of that country.
In the light of this report, I believe Gwent Police ought to examine carefully whether to bring forward charges against the individuals mentioned in this report for 'gross-negligence manslaughter'.
Superintendent Bruce Storey said: "We examine carefully any new applications for licensed premises in the city and always take into consideration where they would like to be located and the potential impact this could have on crime and antisocial behaviour in the city.
While we encourage investors to explore and examine carefully those opportunities, we don't expect them to travel to every corner of Africa searching them out; that is why for the first time we're hosting the Powering Africa: Summit in Washington, D.
Our investigations will examine carefully how intelligence from Ceop was dealt with by these three forces.
In this light, American Christians might examine carefully T.
As lawmakers examine ways to create new revenue streams in the coming year, they will examine carefully the tax dollars that currently undergird the tax-exempt sector.
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The first is that a large part of the theological agenda for improving Christian-Jewish relations is a challenge for Christians to examine carefully the implications of the way they understand their own faith.
While I am a passionate defender of free speech I think the time has come to examine carefully when a freely expressed opinion turns into something akin to victimisation and trial by media," she added.