examine closely

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Hence it is to be remarked that, in seizing a state, the usurper ought to examine closely into all those injuries which it is necessary for him to inflict, and to do them all at one stroke so as not to have to repeat them daily; and thus by not unsettling men he will be able to reassure them, and win them to himself by benefits.
Not accustomed, as the doctors are, to examine closely the mangled remains of human beings, he had been shocked by the sight disclosed to his view when a waterproof sheet had been lifted off a table in a certain apartment of the hospital.
Department of Agriculture to examine closely the NRC report's recommendations for potential improvements in the risk assessment process.
Companies need to examine closely their processes and procedures, particularly if they have acquired a business, grown rapidly or if they made changes to employment policies during the recession, such as employing more people on temporary or self-employed contracts.
It is time to examine closely how potential voters might be engaged, from the bottom up.
In the long run, it hopes the task force to study Hong Kong's social security and retirement protection systems, to be set up under the new Commission on Poverty and chaired by the Chief Secretary, would examine closely how seniors' livelihood could be improved.
The proposed $48 billion merger of EADS and BAE Systems raises "national security questions" that regulators should examine closely, said Dennis Muilenburg, CEO of Boeing's defense operations.
DES continues to examine closely where the air pollution that impacts our state originates.
He added: "We will examine closely the circumstances which led to both incidents.
Most people pay these bills on direct debit or standing order and perhaps don't examine closely enough the charges levied.
Notwithstanding this, we will examine closely the options for future support for the factories in Wales, including the development of social enterprises.
One of the items we examine closely every month is the quality and performance account.