examine the witnesses

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He had been asked by Mr Garba to note the number of witnesses they had so that the court would decide on the duration of time to be allowed for each party to cross examine the witnesses.
The court on the plea of Meesha Shafi set aside high court orders to cross examine the witnesses soon after their statement and ordered Ali Zafar to file affidavits of the witnesses within seven days.
'Even after filing Shafi's statement, the singer's legal team didn't cross examine the witnesses produced by Zafar on numerous occasions.
'After we adjourned in the previous hearings, I got information on which I would like to examine the witnesses,' Mairanyi said.
Counsel for Sharif family Khawaja Haris will cross examine the witnesses.
Alfredo Garbin that Sereno's motion asserting her right to counsel and cross examine the witnesses against her through her lawyers be denied.
India has already given a written assurance to Pakistan that its legal panel will be allowed to cross examine the witnesses when it visits Mumbai.
Experienced lawyers present their case and cross examine the witnesses."
Meesha Shafi has taken plea in her petition that trial court has not allowed to cross examine the witnesses. Cross questioning the witnesses is fundamental right.
Once the statements are recorded, defence counsel Khawaja Haris would cross examine the witnesses. Subsequently, the accused would record statements and produce witnesses.
This prompted Jardeleza to make a letter petition to the Supreme Court on June 25, 2014, asking to direct the JBC to provide the written notice of the sworn specifications of the charges against him, together with the sworn statements of witnesses and supporting documents; to cross examine the witnesses in public; to reset the JBC hearing on June 30; and to direct the JBC to disallow the CJ from participating for the position vacated by Justice Abad.
"The opposition has filed five applications among those there is one application where he wants to examine the witnesses on mitigating circumstances.