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None of the brown scum that drifted down the Thames after the destruction of Shepperton was examined at the time, and now none is forthcoming.
I left them securely fastened, I know, for I felt the thongs and examined the knots when I was at the hunt.
The clerk took the patient into one of the inner rooms; they were smaller, and each had a couch in it covered with black horse-hair: he asked his patient a variety of questions, examined his lungs, his heart, and his liver, made notes of fact on the hospital letter, formed in his own mind some idea of the diagnosis, and then waited for Dr.
Holmes examined both it and the indescribable wreck which it had wrought.
The accountant stopped, facing the Cossack, and examined him with attentive curiosity.
Rook having completed his evidence, the police authorities were the next witnesses examined.
The Shepherd boldly examined the beast, discovered the thorn, and placing his paw upon his lap, pulled it out; thus relieved of his pain, the Lion returned into the forest.
I opened the si x drawers in each cabinet, and examined their contents without hesitation.
That were sad indeed," said the boy, and he took the bow in his hand -and examined it on every side.
Evelyn Howard was called and, after being examined on other points, was questioned as to the parcel.
They informed me that Miss Rachel flatly refused to have her wardrobe examined.
The leader of the emigrants cast his eyes, understandingly, about him, and examined the place with the keenness of one competent to judge of so nice a question, though in that dilatory and heavy manner, which rarely permitted him to betray precipitation.