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With the introduction of this step, all permits issued to applicants who were previously entitled to translate the test material have been terminated; which is an important procedure towards ensuring transparency and neutrality of the test in respect of all examinees.
RTE values near 1 indicate strong examinee effort to the test, and the further a value falls below 1, the less effort the examinee expended (Wise and Kong 2005).
Average value of smoking consumption period was higher in the group of examinees according to the length of smoking consumption period than in the group of examinees according to a number of cigarettes smoked daily.
Examinee participants included 74 volunteer school-age examinees recruited by the graduate school psychology students to participate in practice evaluations required for an intellectual assessment course.
The Effects of Examinee Motivation on Multiple-Choice Item Parameter Estimates, Applied Psychological Measurement 31(1): 31-46.
A MOMENT of candour -- or call it naivete -- has led to a police investigation into how the contents of a government exam were leaked to the examinees.
The fees collected from examinees are sufficient to cover the costs of exam development and administration.
However, it is important, that at the decision of the tasks with algorithm the examinee has found in a condition of a task the same s/s, which are available in the DDA.
Anthropo measures of male and female examinees Values (cm) Symbol and name of anthropometric measure Female Male A Body tallness 160,0 200,0 G Arm length (from the back contour) 68,9 98,5 H Length of forearm with hand 41,8 54,3 K Body thickness (chest) 24,2 25,1 M Sitting height 81,5 100,4 N Eyesight height (sitting) 70,9 89,4 O Shoulder height (sitting) 52,3 66,3 P Elbow height (sitting) 20,9 25,1 R Distance from knee to back 54,3 69,3 S Sitting length of thighs 44,8 54,3 T Sitting height above floor 41,8 53,3 U Height of thigh (sitting) 13,6 15,1 X Foot width 8,8 11,0 Y Hand length 16,9 23,2
For each year, each examinee was classified by the ABFM as either (a) belonging to a program that contained a sports medicine fellowship, or (b) not belonging to a program that contained a sports medicine fellowship.
The examinee was given four options: bie, biy, by and bey.
Sweet also noted that examinees tend to report their own prior health histories and functioning in overly positive terms.