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Individual report of rating will be mailed to all examinees.
The CSC however clarifies that this is on a first-come, first-served basis, meaning that the CSC Regional/Field Office may cease accepting applications once it has reached its target number of registered examinees.
Singh was accused of forcing a matriculation examinee at the Sharda Girdhari College centre remove his trousers to check if he was carrying any cheat-sheets at the exam hall last week, triggering a wave of protests from the student community.
The applicant can now select the preferred test language; which translates into a better and clearer understanding of driving and traffic rules which will help enhance the safety of road users as well as the examinee (after clearing the tests and obtaining the driver licence)," he added.
Users only need to use a webcam in front of their monitors, and the system will keep recording, identifying, and eliminating interferences to examinees during the exam.
On a partly-speeded test, rapid guessing may occur toward the end of the test, if examinees run out of time.
However, it should be noted that information in this study was based on response data from administered tests in which all examinees were given predetermined items from the entire ability range.
Average value of smoking consumption period was higher in the group of examinees according to the length of smoking consumption period than in the group of examinees according to a number of cigarettes smoked daily.
Police spokesman Michalis Katsounotos said that, shortly before the exam got underway, a woman candidate told a male examinee who was also due to take the exam that she knew the topic of the essay.
Exceptional arrangements have been made for certain examinees with special needs such as granting additional time, expanding the characters, providing assistance in writing by another student, presenting the subjects in Braille and conducting the tests inside prisons.
The data was assembled from 22 different sittings of the same test over the course of three years, when it was known not only how many examinees were taking the test at each session but also their individual grades and demographic variables.