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An official or other person empowered by another—whether an individual, business, or government agency—to investigate and review specified documents for accuracy and truthfulness.

A court-appointed officer, such as a master or referee, who inspects evidence presented to resolve controverted matters and records statements made by witnesses in the particular proceeding pending before that court.

A government employee in the Patent and Trademark Office whose duty it is to scrutinize the application made for a patent by an inventor to determine whether the invention meets the statutory requirements of patentability.

A federal employee of the Internal Revenue Service who reviews income tax returns for accuracy and truthfulness.

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a barrister appointed by the court to take evidence outside the court. For Scotland, see COMMISSIONER.
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1946: The Examiner began employing its own photographers, with their first picture being of a Mr Turner harvesting at Oldfield.
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Based on a criterion of an exact agreement > 75% between the initial and repeated probes per examiner, it was shown that examiner 1 had an exact agreement of 85.47%; examiner 2, 93.97%; and examiner 3, 90.03% (Figure 1).
"We are pleased that the eXaminer 3DX-ES has joined the recently approved eXaminer SX and eXaminer XLB in achieving EU Standard 3 CEP approval," said Thomas M Ripp, L-3's President.