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Chapter 5, the Head," examines how muscles of the eyes, ears, face, cheek, jaw and neck are tested.
However, because the leadership of the Navy strongly supports a competency-based alignment, it behooves the civilian leadership to examine ways to implement one.
Chapter Three examines the seeming absence of race issues and racial identity in Shirley Brice Heath's Ways with Words.
And Barbara Lewalski, in a fine piece devoted to both the poems and prose works of Milton's last years, examines his role as an active "oppositional educator" (175) who most certainly did not withdraw from politics to a "paradise within.
Hence, it is important to examine the literature related to evaluating career interventions.
The heightened public attention provides an opportunity to closely examine the genesis of school violence.
7602-1(a) authorize the IRS to examine any books, papers, records, or other data "for the purpose of ascertaining the correctness of any re turn.
Thus, the IRS employs several techniques for selecting returns to examine in order to use its audit time most efficiently.
Utilizing data reported in the first article of the text, this study examines the relationship of the total score of AOF with the Global Assessment Scale (GAS).
The study is enriched by the fact that each chapter largely stands on its own since each chapter examines a particular theme.