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This would require examining the delta between what the trainee knows and what he or she needs to know.
As part of this initiative, the Service will also revise its procedures on examining excess-benefit transactions and will issue a new section for that in its Internal Revenue Manual.
By examining contemporary prints he exposes the moral ambivalence that rendered Judith problematical as a persuasive symbol.
In addition to examining the multicultural validity of specific career theories and career variables that have been previously explored in the career literature, a number of new theoretical approaches have been suggested to address the need for culturally competent career counseling.
For example, in chapter 15 Racino educates the reader about qualitative research by showing how case studies can be an effective method for examining how disability policy issues effect multicultural concerns, empowerment issues for persons with disabilities, and levels of support.
Previously in this article, characteristics of youth violent offenders have been established by examining all of the components that contribute to violence.
Do the same thing with your right arm raised and your left hand examining your right breast.
236), the discretion of an examining agent to resolve timing issues is set forth in sections 5.
While previous efforts have concentrated on examining earnings, the focus of this paper is to describe the practicality of analyzing outcome measures related to the employment patterns of its participants.
Embedded in this focus is Salamon's concern for examining the sense of community or the extent of "communityness" experienced by residents in the six agrarian towns.