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EXAMPLE. An example is a case put to illustrate a. principle. Examples illustrate, but do not restrain or change the laws: illustrant non restringunt legem. Co. Litt. 24, a.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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However, most of the worked example studies focus on the effectiveness of worked examples comparing to other instructional methods.
Example 1:A, a financial-aid-eligible student, sells appreciated stock for $10,000 and generates $1,000 long-term capital gain.
An example is the Stoneham, Mass., public library site which comes complete with hip hop music, notices on recently arrived CDs, and links to teen authors who have their own MySpace sites.
The last example suggests special bifurcation challenges for taxpayers whose business consists of excluded transactions, e.g., financial institutions or insurance companies.
An example of a knowledge objective was to understand the use of statistics in social work journals.
The former combines the information from the studies and describes results in a verbal format (for example, "four studies of clinical librarian projects suggested that professionals saved time"; "two studies showed evidence of cost-effectiveness").
For example, the student might initially find the opening measures of Chopin's Nocturne in F-sharp Major (Example 1) difficult to read, as the contour is rather disjunct, making it difficult to discern a clear thread among the pitches.
Chapter 3, "From Examples to Example Spaces," extends individual examples towards generalisation, identifying and elaborating on the significant aspects of example construction.
For example, to offset the higher prices associated with oil-based raw materials, energy, and transportation costs, a commonly used, low risk tactic is to transition from oil/water liquid emulsions to 100% active dry polymers.
And there need not be only one right answer (for example, students might be asked to "come up with a similar problem").
EXAMPLE: Recently our office initiated a sale which was days away from closing when our broker, representing the purchaser, learned that the property had been designated as an E-ZONE, which raised the environmental standards for the site, possibly making the transaction uneconomic to acquire ...
The examples have been adapted from actual examples of audited financial statements of not-for-profit organizations whose names and other identifying information have been changed.