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BEIRUT: At a Verdun intersection a traffic light flashes red, signaling drivers to stop, but a woman in a red SUV scoots across the road in defiance of the light, driving past a policeman who exasperatedly slams his fist against the hood of her car.
After some discussion one woman exasperatedly appeals to another way of seeing: 'Why is it so hard to imagine love and work all mixed together in a woman's life?
people asked exasperatedly as CNN ran and repeatedly reran images of young kids jubilating on the streets of Gaza.
The film aligns Firpo's mental eccentricity and Geoff's imaginative eccentricity, as Geoff's father exasperatedly asks, "Why can't you just .
He describes an abortive holiday with his mother to an Oxford friend: "This horrible hotel where I came to see my mother--I came for a fortnight, I leave in 5 minutes after 30 hrs--the food is prunes & prawns in aspic and rice pudding"; he agrees to fit his father into his schedule for a few hours over dinner; he complains about his father to his mother ("To work on a holiday with him is impossible--he does not read for more than 3/4 hours at a time and he hates to be left alone"); and when pressed by his parents for longer, fuller letters (the title of this volume is taken from the one-word telegrams Berlin devised in order to reassure his parents), he exasperatedly replies, "What on earth am I to describe to you now?
Trotter views Lewis as perhaps the most obstinate of his chosen modernists, seeing his interventions as strategic attempts to accrue symbolic capital: 'The purpose of the antagonistic or "Enemy" stance thus exasperatedly taken was no more and no less than to define and assert a charismatic professional identity' (p.
After Baker, worn out from explaining the potential economic implications of Saddam's aggression, exasperatedly summarized the issue in the Gulf as "jobs," critics leaped on the administration for mercenary motives.
If the goal culture of the economic modernizers is vague, the transfer culture is empirically much more concrete and specific but exasperatedly protean.
point in the novel, James Wait exasperatedly curses Belfast as an
That would be fine if all of Cervantes' writings did not structurally abound in oppositions by juxtaposition of matter to mind, his versions of Nicholas of Cusa 's coincidentia oppositorum, what Johnson exasperatedly labels as "Cervantes' maddening ambiguity" (104).
I found myself exasperatedly pointing out to friends puzzled by this bizarre spectacle.
The historical list of what we exasperatedly call "memoir" is long, and the tides of self-immersion have now reached universal shores.