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Interestingly, although American critics found much to reprove--including an exasperatingly slow start, stereotypical characters, and a surfeit of moralizing that drains the narrative of momentum--they also praised Ali's crackling, vibrant prose and her meticulous research into the inner workings of restaurant kitchens.
He followed Dan and Tolliver into the fields and frequently retreated-in exasperatingly good order-from the house before Mrs.
The plot moves at an exasperatingly slow pace and the finale proves to be a massive anti-climax.
Even with the film's economical running time of 86 minutes, the plot moves at an exasperatingly slow pace and the finale proves to be an anti-climax if ever there was one.
Even with the film's economical running time, the plot moves exasperatingly slowly and the finale proves to be an anti-climax.
BOSTON - The hubbub in the Hub wasn't hysterical, but there was a mounting din of collapse chatter after the Bruins failed to sweep aside the New York Rangers on Thursday and exasperatingly extended their playoff series.
Exasperatingly for Dortmund fans, the 24-year-old appears to be ready to move on, with (http://www.
After his National Security Council plays a slide show presentation featuring old and deceased international bad guys such as Ayatollah Khomeini, Mao Tse-tung, Ho Chi Minh, and Leonid Brezhnev, the President exasperatingly remarks: "These guys are all dead.
From the ecclesiastical scraps of exasperatingly fragmented Christian sects, he in effect forged a single church body that could function in the vast expanse of territory bordered by Britain and Spain in the west, Armenia and Mesopotamia in the east, Hungary and Romania in the north, and northern Africa and Egypt in the south.
If the objective is to be achieved within, say, 25 years, which itself might prove to be an exasperatingly long period for the bulk of the population, the GNP per capita will have to increase at an annual rate of 4.
Though the design and development process resulted in fine golf clubs, it was exasperatingly slow.
Instead, I was stuck with these two intense, creative people who looked at the world in their own exasperatingly unpredictable way.