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The girl was afraid to add to the exasperation of her father.
The reason for exasperation is because you come to this question after discussing the dismal state of the media in the country, coupled with all the problems regarding individual rights and liberties, such as freedom of speech and freedom of association.
Yet still Pulis joined Arsene Wenger, Manuel Pellegrini and Jurgen Klopp in their exasperation that international footballers continue to want to play international football during international breaks.
HE exasperation felt across the region over the delays in settling the future of children's heart surgery is understandable.
nuclear agency is urging Iran to cooperate with a probe of his agency, in unusually frank language showing exasperation with the stalled investigation, according to a report of the Associated Press.
It's the kind of proposal that causes people to shake their heads in exasperation, if they're still bothering to tune in and follow the ongoing presidential election drama.
The fact I passed out with total exasperation had absolutely nothing to do with the temperature.
The presidents of Russian and Iran met last week on the shores of the Caspian and the Russian leader came away telegraphing exasperation with the Islamic republic.
Excerpts released yesterday show Lord Mandelson musing over the need to allow Mr Brown to appear "normal and human" when meeting voters, and voicing exasperation about the then prime minister's apparent inability to keep his tie straight.
Yet there is understandably also a great deal of exasperation.
They affirmed that they will lift their sit-in only if their claims are met, expressing exasperation at the promises made by the successive governments since the fall of the former regime that have not been fulfilled.
IN AMUSED exasperation, Roberto Mancini dropped the F-word on Friday.