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Skills and techniques of field archaeology can only be improved by training, practice and experience; we need to excavate continually in order to assess critically the earlier field research.
Logic7D Excavate is powered by Novariant's new 7DDuo(TM) GPS Receiver, a dual-antenna roof array that determines position and orientation of the machine, and a rugged touch-screen display that was specifically designed for the construction environment.
The contract is for the provision of a suitable backhoe dredger to excavate approximately 112 trial pits for others to take samples and analyse.
Whistler removes a stone, which he placed on top of his find to protect it, and pours acetone on it in order to preserve and hold it together until he can excavate it.
By stringing together a series of such sports halls, it might be possible to excavate a cavern large enough to fully decouple a 10-kiloton nuclear explosion from its normal seismic signature, Leith says.
The developer, Cameron said, will excavate the entire eastern side of the freeway below the slip plane and recompact it to stabilize the freeway and the future development.
To create the wetlands, the contractor would need to excavate a depression on the parcel of land next to the Arroyo Simi, then plant that area with native willow, blackberry, wild rose, mugwort, and other stream-side shrubs and trees, the environmental impact report on the channel widening states.
The Highland pipeline will be built using a cut-and-cover process, during which crews will excavate a segment of the route, then install, weld and test a pipe segment before covering it and excavating the next portion.
Photo: Mary Leakey, right, and her husband, Louis Leakey, excavate prehistoric artifacts at a dig in Tanganyika, Tanzania, in 1961.
The coldplaner can excavate soil more precisely than traditional equipment.
CG Excavate enables excavators to graphically define dig locations with latitude and longitude precision; electronically transmit dig requests to the one-call center; obtain electronic status report updates from the one-call center when needed; and print maps.
Based on comprehensive, continually updated maps, ClearGround integrates four software applications -- CG Excavate, CG One-Call, CG Qualify and CG Protekt.