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Huber's statement that the very first cell is excavated out of a little parallel-sided wall of wax, is not, as far as I have seen, strictly correct; the first commencement having always been a little hood of wax; but I will not here enter on these details.
Contract notice: Works of realization of the niches of turning and interior design of the gallery of la maddalena, Transport and depositing of the excavated materials
RAWALPINDI -- District Administration and Education authorities of Rawalpindi district have been urged to erect foundation at excavated area of Zia ul Uloom, school's new block along Faisal Cloth Market, Raja Bazar as delay in its construction work may cause irreparable loss to the lives and properties of the traders.
All capacitor waste will be excavated and disposed of out of the area at a disposal facility licensed to receive the waste.
We have been waiting for 10 years for 75 mounds to be excavated and removed to pave way for a new big mosque called Al Imam Al Hadi at Roundabout 20, and after delays the directorate decided to build a smaller mosque, despite owning the land which the ministry has seized.
Brown graduate student Dan Moriarty said that if impact scaling is done, [the SPA impact] should have excavated into the mantle.
A MANUFACTURER of a treatment for excavated spoil has established its first Welsh facility in Caldicot.
They continue to dig on the inside of the system to remove the excavated soil as needed.
The site will be excavated completely because the Lignite Company intends to mine 12 million tons of coal, worth 500 million TL, beneath it.
Later, the dead bodies of the labourers were excavated from the well by digging another well beside the well of tube well.
Could not the excavated waste be used as 'hard core' on the road project?
Nikolajco Nikolov, deputy general director of Bucim, said last month they excavated 950,000 tons of ore, which is a record in Bucim's 30-year history.