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In the Poultry and Vegetable Scheme Tarlai Kalan, the covered area in 12 out of 75 farms exceeded 9,500sq ft and in four cases exceeded 12,500sq ft.
Expenditures exceeded BGN 7.2 B, registering a decrease of BGN 305.
In the daytime the equivalent noise level limit (NLL) was exceeded by 5 dBA in the 1st measurement location and by 8 dBA in the 2nd one; a high NLL excess in the 2nd measurement location was predetermined by the traffic of 1 020 cars and 98 heavy vehicles within the measurement time.
Chinas recovered paper imports exceeded 17 million tons in 2005, and there is no sign of any break in this trend in the first months of 2006.
One of the current debates in risk management concerns the "best" measure of risk.Value at risk, which is widely used, is measured by selecting a high probability p, such as 99%, and calculating the magnitude of the loss that would be exceeded 1-p percent (in this case 1%) of the time.Although there are solid technical grounds for preferring some alternative risk measures, value at risk is often more readily understood because it is similar to the familiar notion of a worst-case loss, which, since it will never be exceeded, is the 100% value at risk.
Armstrong Township Reeve Jules Gravel, who is acting volunteer manager of the airport, says last year's expenses, $315,000, exceeded the revenues of $265,000.
Motorists are still largely ignoring speed limits, show latest government figures.As many as 53% of cars went over the limit on 30mph roads in 2004 and 56% exceeded the 70mph limit on motorways, the National Statistics Office figures revealed.
The high expectations of Lexus owners must always be exceeded.--Masaki (Frank) Sanayama, assistant chief engineer, Lexus RX 400h.
For at least two years the concentration of lead in Washington, D.C., drinking water has dramatically exceeded the action level at which the Safe Drinking Water Act requires water systems to address the problem.
The regulatory burden also exceeded Mexico's GDP of $574 billion." Estimated federal regulatory costs also exceeded the total of pre-tax corporate profits in 2001 ($699 billion).
The total amount of the liabilities the three transferred to the corporation exceeded the adjusted basis of the property by $510,690.
It would appear that the number of authorised transit journeys through Austria was not exceeded in 2001, and the Commission will not therefore apply the so-called "108% clause".