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c) A tax of rupees 200,000 will be levied on the Motor car with engine capacity exceeding 2000 cc and not exceeding 2500 cc
22,500 for married individuals filing separately, less 25 percent of AMTI exceeding $75,000 (no exemption if AMTI is $165,000 or more).
Best Show Pony, Mare or Gelding, four years old and over, not exceeding 128 cms: 1,N Readman, Jorvyk Royal Talisman; 2, Mrs J McCluskey, Bracon Toytown
Meanwhile, last year the San Joaquin Valley had the most days - 82 - exceeding the nation's new ozone limit, which measures ozone levels over eight hours and is designed to protect against health problems associated with breathing low levels of ozone over a long period of time.
Data for other states, such as Colorado--which had the largest number of homes (39 percent) exceeding the action level--are valid only for those homes actually surveyed.
The tests also found 48 percent showed significant levels of arsenic, with 6 percent exceeding the federal limit of 10 parts per billion.
Of the samples from Bangladesh exceeding the WHO maximum permissible level, nearly one-quarter were contaminated with concentrations of 100-299 [micro]g/L.
Under the 1986 Tax Reform Act, whose real estate provisions are quickly being eroded by these proposals, deductions from passive activities exceeding the activities' income cannot be deducted against other income.
Thus, when possible, a corporation should consider accelerating or deferring income between tax years to avoid exceeding the $7.
Americans pay a premium for bottled water but consumers who think their favorite brand is cleaner than tap water might consider a four-year study that found contaminants exceeding drinking-water standards.