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The award institutionalises a culture of excellence in the government sector by continuous development and implementing organisational excellence standards across all operations and organisational levels at DEWA.
ICT Development Customer Care Excellence Award -- Emirates Identity Authority
Khurram Rahat, Teradata managing director for Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, "I am very pleased to host the 11th Teradata IT Excellence Awards and to recognize these 12 distinguished people in the IT industry at the national level who have been instrumental in introducing, promoting and implementing IT in Pakistan.
Entry kits for every category in The 2013 Business Excellence Awards may be requested at http://www.
We should translate the slogan of excellence from a mere theoretical concept into tangible reality," Prime Minister Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa said, during a surprise visit to the second Bahrain Forum on Excellence.
It is excellence that allows one to expose graft rather than give in to it.
Excellence in English, Culinary Arts, American Century, Language Arts, Highest Academic Achievement - Sophomore Class: Bryanna M.
Project Excellence conducted a qualitative study that identified data fields that were most challenging for counselors, counselors' recommendations for improving the system, and on-going technical training needs of the counselors.
They are judged on technical excellence, creativity and innovation, effectiveness in identifying and responding to an organization's or community's needs, the delivery of measurable outcomes, and the overall success of the project.
The Wachovia CDFI Excellence Awards presented by the National Community Capital Association focus attention on those leaders in the field of community development who have demonstrated excellence in their efforts to service communities of opportunity.