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She may justly feel, as part at least of the reward of a labour which must have occupied much time, so many of the freshest hours of mind and spirit, that she has done something to help her author in the achievement of his, however discouraged still irrepressible, desire, by giving additional currency to a book which the best sort of readers will recognize as an excellent and certainly very versatile companion, not to be forgotten.
Sure, sir," said he, "your servant gives you most excellent advice; for who would travel by night at this time of the year?
In regard to the actual philosophical views expounded in this work, there is an excellent way of clearing up any difficulties they may present, and that is by an appeal to Nietzsche's other works.
He walked about the whole day and only brought back three birds, but to make up for that--he brought back, as he always did from shooting, an excellent appetite, excellent spirits, and that keen, intellectual mood which with him always accompanied violent physical exertion.
Your discretion, my dear Lucille," he said, smiling, "is excellent.
Other government entities were also honoured for excellent performance and services.
RS-200 is said to provide excellent reinforcing properties such as hardness, tensile strength and tear and abrasion resistance.
But now, the area is booming as an all year-round location, hugely popular for its cultural venues, excellent schools, great hospitals, quality recreation and a plethora of ample housing options.
Petrothene LP 5100 is said to combine excellent ESCR (over 1000 hr), high stiffness, and high melt strength.
It's hard to get real excited about this because I'm disappointed with Excellent Meeting,'' Baffert said after Tout Charmant's $21.
Color Retention Very Good; Good; Excellent Excellent