excellent judgment

See: sagacity
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Stephen was not surprised to find himself in love with her, and was conscious of excellent judgment in preferring her to Miss Leyburn, the daughter of the county member, although Lucy was only the daughter of his father's subordinate partner; besides, he had had to defy and overcome a slight unwillingness and disappointment in his father and sisters,--a circumstance which gives a young man an agreeable consciousness of his own dignity.
"He shows excellent judgment," Lord Romsey observed.
a man who has seen half the world says it is the case; we always thought so, but now we know it." My excellent judgment in combs and beauty procured me a most hospitable reception; the captain forced me to take his bed, and he would sleep on his recado.
Her field, also, is more limited than that of any other great English novelist; for she deliberately restricted herself, with excellent judgment, to portraying what she knew at first-hand, namely the life of the well-to-do classes of her own 'provincial' region.
Greig said, "Both Brian and Ed have consistently demonstrated excellent judgment and skill in their respective roles.
We believe that the new members on the Board would bring a wealth of expertise, experience and international perspectives, diversity and excellent judgment to shape the future of the organization," said executive vice president, Nitstone Finserv, Govindankutty Edaden.
Moreover, the GC should bundle his knowledge of the law with an excellent business sense, the courage to speak up, and excellent judgment regarding people.
Dan possesses excellent judgment and deep institutional knowledge of the Salt Lake office and the Commission that is so critical to this position, said Stephanie Avakian, Co-Director of the SECs Enforcement Division.
As a businesswoman, Cottone has modeled excellent judgment; fiscal responsibility to Lakeside Legacy Foundation, their donors, constituents, business partners, and servant leadership.
However, if an older surgeon has careful hands and excellent judgment, it's a positive for a doctor to have more years under his belt.
The claimants' lawyer Kate Harrison said: "I think it's an excellent judgment. This is a microcosm of democracy.
All Rushworth's victims were right-handers beaten by balls moving into them, but Hain was more resolute in getting into line and showed excellent judgment of what to leave.