excellent prospect

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He is an excellent prospect for British tennis and deserves the support of all the British public, despite having annoyed some people with his anti-English remarks.
Ontario is an excellent prospect for exploration and has the potential for diamond mines," Morris says.
There is no denying that Smith is an excellent prospect, but his manager David O'Leary has expressed his concern regarding the fiery hitman's disciplinary record.
Travis is an excellent prospect who has a lot of potential,'' West said.
Based on our new test results, our combined efforts have created an excellent prospect to develop a commercial fault current limiter that is able to suppress fault currents, enabling reliable expansion of power grids to meet the ever-increasing demand for electricity in cities around the world.
We always rated him as an excellent prospect and that decision could cost us pounds 5m.
Yes, that's right, our own Baros, and with Cisse we have an excellent prospect and if he wasn't banned for Euro 2004 he would have started instead of that Trezeguet
Both are growing in confidence and are excellent value for the maximum allowance, while in Ireland, take note of Jamie Moriarty, now in his third season with John Oxx, and an excellent prospect, with 13 winners to his credit, one of which was gained in Australia this winter.
The lad has done really well in his short time in the team, and he certainly is an excellent prospect, " said the veteran manager.
Hills' assistant William Knight confirmed: "There are more races for him on the all-weather, including good prizes here and at Wolverhampton, but in the meantime he's an excellent prospect as a National Hunt stallion, as he's by Sadler's Wells and he's won three Group races.
Joseph Irani, president of BIOMERICA, stated, "We see tremendous potential for this test which has an excellent prospect of generating sales via a large corporate partner.
The new drilling corroborates, with earlier studies interpreting that widespread geothermal fluids are being channeled to the surface through range-front faults and suggest that the site is an excellent prospect for discovery of an electricity-grade geothermal resource.