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Anna Birtwhistle deputised in goal excellently for the injured Becca Lillystone in a good 6-0 win for the girls.
I have since obtained leaflets of the North Tyneside waggonways and cycle route maps from North Tyneside Council, which are excellently put together.
In Vital Connections, authors Steve Freeman and Linda Mastaglio, ABC, show the way to practice PR efficiently (the practical side), effectively (the best-practices focus) and excellently (through visionary thinking skills) to employees, customers, the media, investors, influencers and the public.
The RotaTherm Continuous Cooker uses DSI (direct steam injection) technology to fuse steam directly with the product to prevent over cooking; while the industrial cooker offers no burn-on and handles particulates excellently.
The England boss saw Beattie cleverly clip an excellently executed goal over Shaka His-lop's head - and missed him sidefooting a sharp, but glaring last minute chance into the side-netting.
The student book continues with an excellently written piece called, ``This Next New Year,'' about a Chinese-American boy's hopes that his family's New Year's celebration will bring him the luck he needs to turn his life around.
Each child character is excellently cast but young Lucy is a standout.
Stuart Jordan's excellently comprehensive article on global warming ("The Global Warming Crisis," November/December 2005) nevertheless left me wishing he had been a bit more thorough on one point.
He's playing excellently this season and he had another good game against Spurs on Saturday.
Superbly conceptualized and excellently executed, this collection challenges the reader to view familiar issues with global lenses.
A player who trains excellently will play excellently.
Some of the tracks are masterpieces of songwriting--Armatrading's early-'80s output is nearly flawless, and Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah"--performed excellently here by Rufus Wainwright; it was also on the first Shrek soundtrack--is about as gut-wrenchingly perfect a treatment of complex love as anybody's ever written.