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What saddened me even further is that the elderly Serbian civilian and his family could very well have been instrumental in saving the lives of over 500 American airmen who were shot down over Yugoslavia during World War II and rescued by the forces of Draza Mihailovich, as excellently reported in THE NEW AMERICAN by Fr.
org) is an excellently run organization which includes: the Jonathan Lax Treatment Center, an HIV clinic for persons of all income levels; community-based clinical trials funded by the CPCRA program of the.
The joys, anxieties and dilemmas of fathering, and being fathered, were captured excellently by Richard Edmonds' Daddy Dearest, which was presented as part of the Stratford Poetry Festival and excellently performed by actors Michael Maloney, Joanna David and Robert Powell.
Cherokee Apartments is a 383 unit co-op corporation excellently located on East 77th and 78th streets, in one of the prestigious and most desirable areas of the Upper East Side.
Shannon asks good related questions and thus designs an inquiry which excellently shows how Merton both was and was not, depending on how one views his relationships with various establishments.
The methods are, so far as I am qualified to say, excellently attuned to the effort in the volume to treat an over-time pattern that is generally presumed to be uniform so precisely that the theoretical import of national differences may be explored.
State in wonted manner keepe: Hesperus intreats thy light, Goddesse, excellently bright.
I feel I am joining CRYPTOCard at an incredibly-exciting time, as the company is excellently positioned to increase its share of the global security market - where businesses are looking for suppliers on whom they can rely to integrate and outsource increasingly-complex security solutions," commented Gary Marsden, Business Development Director, CRYPTOCard.
The excellently preserved "time capsule" workshop has changed little since the beginning of the century.
IN THE wake of the success of the Shankly Show at the Royal Court, I am pleased to advise Tony Higgins (Daily Post, Letters, October 10) that Dixie Dean's life was excellently dramatised by John Keith and Arts2U Ltd in The Dixie Dean Story.
He writes: "Congratulations to Joel Dixon from Nunthorpe School who performed excellently in the North Eastern Indoor Championships on Saturday, January 12, at Gateshead Stadium.
I beat my England captain Martin Adams in the final and played excellently.