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The president had also been advised to grant total remission to female prisoners who are 60 years of age or above and have undergone at least one-third of their sentence except those involved in culpable homicide and terrorist act.
In Homs all main roads in the province are passable, except some sub-roads which are hardly open due to the accumulation of snow, the fog and the formation of ice.
Allstate Group Voluntary Critical All states except CT,
Total remission to male prisoners who are 65 years of age or above and female prisoners who are 60 years of age or above and who have undergone at least 1/3rd of their substantive sentence of imprisonment, except those involved in culpable homicide and those involved in terrorist acts, as defined in the anti-terrorism (Second amendment) Ordinance 1999, (No.
Service CX580 between Hong Kong and Sapporo and CX581 between Sapporo and Hong Kong will be cancelled from 1 May except for 4 May.
Imagination and conjuncture both refuse it because they observe that times are limited from both ends, except what is similar to imagining the Creator as having infinity in His beginning.
a) No confidential information obtained by a licensee, in their professional capacity, concerning a client or a prospective client shall be disclosed by the licensee without the written permission of the client or prospective client, except for the following:
However, the gap in employment rates between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people did not change much over the 20-year period, except in Winnipeg, Edmonton and Sudbury, where gaps closed substantially.
Motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles, except on improved roads.
Physical examination of the patient, including the testes, was normal except for a systolic heart murmur (preexisting and known to the patient), and clinical signs of left pleural effusion.