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You should select yes if the case is in scope for funding and does not require exceptional case funding.
This sale will include no less than 13 exceptional diamonds, inclusive of the magnificent 374 carat Type IIa diamond and an additional three or four stones larger than 100 carats.
Over the past year, Exceptional Children received 112 original manuscript submissions.
Of the 54 district courts to have considered Section 285 post Octane Fitness, 25 found an exceptional case within the meaning of the statute.
8220;The goal here is to get these guys out there and working and doing something they love to do, something that feeds their soul,” commented Exceptional Minds Program Director Ernie Merlan.
But the GAO study found that "providing an extra two percent reimbursement rate for default claims serviced by exceptional performers is not in the fiscal interest of the federal government because lenders are being paid a premium to perform due diligence activities that are already required of all lenders.
Exceptional hotels strike the perfect balance between their quality product and service elements, according to Jeff Karlson, regional director of sales and marketing for Hilton International in Latin America.
The President's Award, for exceptional work inside a person's specific area of responsibility, was presented to both Evelyn Cruz and Robert Nilsen.
We believe Transmeta has exceptional microprocessors for the thin client category, and the customer feedback we've received on this product supports that view.
The student with exceptional needs has an individualized program, an IEP, that identifies modifications and accommodations necessary to enable him or her to meet the demands of the class.
Operating profit, before exceptional items and amortization of goodwill and intangibles increased by 34%.

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