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That's why Plaid Cymru has long campaigned for a better system which ends the exceptionality clause - the need for a patient to prove their need is exceptional - and ensures consistent and fair decisions" Welsh Conservative Shadow Health Secretary Angela Burns AM said: "We welcome the independence of the review panel and hope that their work will yield a more simple system that can be consistently interpreted by health boards.
Thus, in this article we use exceptionality as a general descriptor for those with diverse learning and other needs, and disability for a particular condition.
Downing articulates the ways in which modern serial killers become celebrities and exceptional human beings in the eyes of the public and press, and analyzes the social and cultural purposes their exceptionality serves.
Obama should not have spoken about US exceptionality from the UN podium.
American Denimatrix is among 40 top apparel companies recognized for "demonstrating exceptionality through an information technology-related implementation, product launch, or other outstanding business strategy.
And this very exceptionality characterises their new 2-CD release, Musici da camera.
All patients are assessed against these protocols and only patients who meet the required criteria, or who demonstrate clinical exceptionality and have been approved by the funding committee, can access the treatments in question.
Occasionally, this modification is required as a result of students being formally identified as having a learning exceptionality.
He added: "Even if exceptionality is agreed, a treatment may still be refused on affordability.
Summary: CAIRO - Naguib Mahfouz achieved worldwide literary fame because of his universality, although, according to the literati, recognition by the West of his exceptionality and greatness came too late.
For his turn, Mikati said that Lebanon's stance at the Arab League was based on "historic and geographic realities that take into consideration Lebanon's exceptionality which our brotherly Arabs understand.