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Instar apis debet variis excerpere libris, Melifluo ut manet dulcis ab ore liquor.
6) The younger Pliny could facilius, quod ex rhetorica arte also do it, so could Jerome, and Ciceronis omnia fere praecepta et so, above all, could Quintilian, quoscunque locos libuit excerpere who in fact could do it much more potissimeque in iudiciale genere easily since he allowed himself to sustulit.
Notare (adnotare) and excerpere mean to take down short notes or excerpts,(63) and while exscribere too can refer to copying a brief item -- a name or a line or two of poetry -- it is also used for somewhat longer documents, such as a passage from an account book or a student's notes (hypomnemata).