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If the amount exceeds the pool, the excess is charged against income.
Most excess policies do, in fact, state that they will provide the insureds with coverage in accordance with the same terms as in the primary policy except, of course, for premium and policy limits.
At an October 15, 1999 summit meeting, the United States and Norway agreed to create a Joint Working Group to assist at-risk countries in the destruction of excess SA/LW.
But to say that such periods increase the competitive strains on particular industries (that is, that they create problems of sectoral excess capacity) is different from saying that they create a problem of global overcapacity.
In another deal, Adidas America had excess basketball shoes, but required that they be sold to a customer the company would designate.
In fact, the tenants didn't requalify and the owners didn't get the excess SCRIE because they didn't get the 3
Development of pricing and capacity (limits provided) for excess reinsurance layers is tied closely to the primary carrier's underwriting analysis of the account.
Rather than have the shareholders absorb a large dividend to remove the excess investments, the tax adviser suggests that Excesso consider the redemption of one or more shareholders.
A disqualified person who benefits from an excess benefit transaction is subject to a first-tier penalty tax of 25% of the excess benefit.
So it's only natural to relieve the lack of funding for retiree health benefits with the apparent excess of funds in the pension plan, especially when the same participants are covered under both plans.