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BAGGAGE. Such articles as are carried by a traveller; luggage. Every thing which a passenger, carries, with him is not baggage. Large sums of money, for example, carried in a travelling trunk, will not be considered baggage, so as to render the carrier responsible. 9 Wend. R. 85. But a watch deposited in his trunk is part of his baggage. 10 Ohio R. 145. See, as to what is baggage, 6 Hill, R. 586 5 Rawle, 188, 189; 1 Pick. 50.
     2. In general a common carrier of passengers is responsible for baggage, if lost, though no distinct price be paid for transporting it, it being included in the passenger's fare. Id. The carrier's responsibility for the baggage begins as soon as it has been delivered to him, or to his servants, or to some other person authorized by him to receive it. Then the delivery is complete. The risk and responsibility of the carrier is at an end as soon as he has delivered the baggage to the owner or his agent; and if an offer to deliver it be made at a proper time, the carrier will be discharged from responsibility, us 'such yet, if the baggage remain in his custody afterwards, he will hold as, bailee, and be responsible for it according to the terms of such bailment ana, R. 92. Vide Common Carriers
     3. By the act of congress of March 2, 1799, sect. 46, 1 Story's L. U. S. 612, it is declared that all wearing apparel and other personal baggage, &c., of persons who shall arrive in the United States, shall be free and exempted from duty.

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She was also charged with forging official electronic documents to distribute the passenger's excess luggage to other passengers.
Excess luggage fees will apply if military luggage is over 70 pounds.
They also assign ramp personal who sometimes act like drill sergeants by having passengers check excess luggage with them before they board.
We loaded 11 containers with 83 tons of equipment in London and Stratford and we only ended up having to bring in three things through excess luggage," Simon says proudly.
Never an airline to give anything away if it can help it Ryanaires excess luggage charge has gone up 12.
Further to recent letters in Viewpoints about excess luggage at Cardiff Airport; last year when travelling to Spain from Cardiff my husband and I were charged for five kilos excess, although we had no hand luggage whatsoever.
Using a roof rack for excess luggage can decrease fuel efficiency by up to 5 percent.
We have never met and I didn't have to pay excess luggage to bring her back home.
Salma Mohammed Khan claims she handed over a cardboard box at Santa Cruz Airport, Mumbai, to the man because she had excess luggage.
WHERE Mariah Carey goes her entourage - and her excess luggage - follows.