excessive amount

See: surfeit
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RAWALPINDI -- Doctors adviced meat lovers on Eid ul Azha that they could fall prey to several diseases, if they eat excessive amount of meat.
As to complaints on excessive billing they are told to deposit the `inflated' bills and excessive amount would be adjusted in their next bill/s.
There are lots and lots of professionals in public life and in the private sector who earn a lot more than that - so it's not an excessive amount of money at all.
Worcestershire Coroner Geraint Williams said Mr Walker had drank an excessive amount of alcohol whilst on the Greek Island.
ey are alleged in the rst charge between December 15, 2011 and January 15 last year to have committed fraud by abusing their position as stewards of Lindley WMC by claiming an excessive amount of wastage.
Ramallah, May 27 (Petra) - A Palestinian man died on Tuesday, days after he ended up inhaling an excessive amount of tear gas, Palestinian medical sources said.
AlexA Flatulence is caused by an excessive amount of gas in the intestines that may be due to swallowed air or gas produced through ermentation of food.
Vincent hospitals reported they were concerned that an excessive amount of drugs was being dispensed to the Princeton Fire Department.
Due to the excessive amount of night time activity already in the area, our number one hotel complaint is the impact this activity has on our business and clients' experience.
New Delhi, July 5 ( ANI ): Acting on intelligence, an air customs officer arrested a passenger identified as Umesh Kumar at the Indira Gandhi International Airport on Wednesday on a charge of carrying an excessive amount of mother boards, lenses and lens covers for CCTV cameras for commercial use.
Sonja Kramarska from Utrinski vesnik claims that if it wasn't for the elections, the public would probably never find out that an excessive amount of money was spent behind the curtains of great political events that were held in this country.