excessive charge

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Pro-paper lobby group, Keep Me Posted's executive director, Kellie Northwood, said the excessive charge was unfair.
Electrostatic discharge events are important indicators of excessive charge accumulation in a given environment.
For example, by writing off capital expenditures in the year of acquisition, an excessive charge over reasonable depreciation occurs and an asset that is in use does not appear on the balance sheet.
I remember somewhere in the publicity at the start of all this last year it was hinted you get to keep the torch, with no mention of what I personally think is an excessive charge.
We fail to understand how we leaseholders, all on low or fixed incomes, can be expected to fund such an excessive charge.
The report went on: "This was a particular problem in relation to clauses which provided for non-refundable deposits, and potentially excessive charges in the event of cancellation by the consumer.
Another parking issue I have raised in Parliament this month is the problem of excessive charges for hospital car parks.
Fitch also reviews the size of the tariff relative to the total customer bill to determine its viability, as (in Fitch's view) excessive charges may present additional risk of political or regulatory challenge.
Gatchalian pointed out that electricity consumers are being 'forced to shoulder excessive charges from these losses that electric companies should be taking care of in the first place.
Gatchalian, chairman of the Senate energy and economic affairs committees, lamented that power consumers were being forced to shoulder excessive charges from these losses, which electric companies should be taking care of in the first place.
All this reinforces the allegation that it is essentially a nexus between recruiting agencies, desperate to make quick money, and brokers which imposes excessive charges on overseas job seekers.