excessive demand

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Summary: Pune (Maharashtra) [India], Sept 22 (ANI): A 23-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly stabbing his 46-year-old gay partner in Pune over the excessive demand of sex.
Excessive demand applies to a primary applicant or an accompanying dependent with a medical condition for which the anticipated cost of treatment is determined by a Canadian immigration officer to be more than the annual cost threshold.
In a statement, the IMF stated that, "Staying the course on reducing the fiscal deficit this year and next is critical to stabilise debt and reduce excessive demand for imports given the recent increase in global oil prices."
Talking to reporter, Vice Chairman Islamabad Market Committee Chaudhry Mohammad Arshad said the prices of fruits were at the highest level since first of Ramadan and termed the excessive demand of fruits and vegetables as the main reason of price hike.
We will show how the marking of immigrant ethnic groups as culturally inferior, or medically inadmissible on the basis that they impose an excessive demand on health care or social services, violates constitutional principles.
He said that there has been excessive demand for electricity in recent days due to the hot temperatures across large parts of the country, but load management had been carried out prudently to facilitate the people as much as possible.
The slowing down of the price drop led the general index to the same level as in the third quarter of 2006, "the year in which the excessive demand for housing loans began," the Central Bank of Cyprus said in a statement on its website today.
"There were situations when activities of exchange offices led to excessive demand for currency from the public and business structures, forcing them to exchange the money into foreign currency.
This had primarily been the drive for last year's seasonal round of restocking, however it seems that it was nowhere close to the excessive demand witnessed over the past couple of days", he noted.
Commerce minister Alejandro Fleming accused the media of purposely creating "excessive demand" in order to disrupt the country.
MT6575 is in excessive demand now in the mainland for its unique 3-dimension display effect.
Excessive demand for new special education faculty is the result of multiple factors.