excessive drinking

See: dipsomania
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Chillip's own brain, under his potations of negus, to divert his attention from this topic to his own affairs, on which, for the next half-hour, he was quite loquacious; giving me to understand, among other pieces of information, that he was then at the Gray's Inn Coffee-house to lay his professional evidence before a Commission of Lunacy, touching the state of mind of a patient who had become deranged from excessive drinking.
The new Government guidelines come in response to concerns about excessive drinking among the general population.
Calls from the Government's senior health adviser for higher taxes on alcohol to curb excessive drinking this weekend won support from addiction charities and doctors.
The BBPA said it believed eradicating the sort of promotions that fuel excessive drinking would help tackle antisocial behaviour in town centres, which the government estimates costs 20bn [pounds sterling] a year.
1 party, and the 16-year-old victim, who was badly bruised and beaten, told police she passed out for several hours from excessive drinking at the party.
NOW I know that excessive drinking isn't clever, but one thing's for sure.
The reformers' greatest failure was their effort to control excessive drinking, something which was at the heart of much of the disorder in the town.
While the postcard performs an important public service, it was also created to wave in the face of anyone accusing us of encouraging excessive drinking," stated Jay Westlin, VP, Business Development & Marketing.
According to research summarized in a College Task Force report to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), the consequences of excessive drinking by college students are more significant, more destructive, and more costly than many parents realize.
The proposals for a minimum price per unit of alcohol as part of a broader approach to curb excessive drinking are also a step in the right direction.
London, Jan 27 ( ANI ): Indulging in excessive drinking proved fatal for about 9,000 British people in one year alone, a new study has revealed.
Excessive drinking can be an addictive and costly habit