excessive interest

See: usury
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The precious days sped in this way; and Raoul and Christine, by affecting excessive interest in outside matters, strove awkwardly to hide from each other the one thought of their hearts.
Razumihin, sitting opposite at the same table, listened warmly and impatiently, looking from one to the other every moment with rather excessive interest.
The conversion of unlicensed financial institutions into credit institutions helped curb excessive interest rate competition that eroded bank's margins.
Payday lenders routinely prey on hardworking Americans struggling to make ends meet by charging excessive interest rates that trap them in an endless cycle of debt, said Cummings.
The cost of this will no doubt be passed on to other mortgage and small business customers at a time when they are already paying excessive interest rates.
Azer Huseynov thanked her for excessive interest, adding that the zoo will never refuse additional public assistance.
Because they can't even earn the cost of production, fishermen have to borrow money with excessive interest rates to cover the production costs of their next fishing operation, making them buried in debt,' he said.
The chairman of the House committee on Metro Manila development is seeking a congressional probe on lending companies and individuals imposing excessive interest rates on loans to public school teachers.
4 million for charging excessive interest rates on its subprime auto loans.
Moreover, Bajaj Finserv Line of Credit through its hassle free and convenient processes, offers consumer friendly financing options with no excessive interest rate burden.
Citizens UK is led by a North Shields-born social work professional Neil Jameson, who was active in campaigning against excessive interest rates demanded by pay-day lenders.
Citizens UK, led by a North Shields-born senior social work professional Neil Jameson, was also active in campaigning against excessive interest rates demanded by pay-day lenders.