excessive interest

See: usury
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The precious days sped in this way; and Raoul and Christine, by affecting excessive interest in outside matters, strove awkwardly to hide from each other the one thought of their hearts.
In terms of top of mind responses about their banks, customers placed good customer service, loans and safety and security significantly ahead of excessive interest rates, high profits and poor customer service.
The rule is widely recommended by personal finance experts to maintain financial security, avoid excessive interest costs, and preserve future investment opportunities.
THE Court of Appeal yesterday ruled the Financial Services Ombusdman was right to reject a couple's complaint over alleged excessive interest charged by a bank.
One would make illegal excessive interest on late payments; another would spare homeowners whose property is forcibly sold from paying capital gains tax and transfer fees.
uk, says: "Getting the sums right when choosing a bank account is crucial for students to ensure they don't end up in any more debt, and paying excessive interest charges, than they really need to at the end of their studies.
It's like a mortgage but with no deposit or excessive interest rate payment.
Dudley Council blocked access to payday loan websites on its 271 library and community computers, with councillors claiming that payday loan firms "take full advantage" of borrowers by charging excessive interest rates.
Small businessmen will no longer be burdened with excessive interest charged by usurious lenders.
Extreme vigilance is required on the part of social leaders, teachers, parents and state authorities to prevent our younger generation's visionary goals from being polluted by excessive interest in frivolous issues.
In the meeting, some members said introducing such operations "would in itself enhance confidence in the markets, which in turn was expected to restrain excessive interest rate fluctuations.
our excessive interest in food, sex, tourism, or in anything allegedly new: all such realities may be seen as substitutes for any profound or lasting sense of purpose or vocation" (32).