excessive rate

See: usury
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Senator Dianne Feinstein and Congressmember Jan Schakowsky introduced legislation in Congress last week to give the Department of Health and Human Services the authority to reject excessive rate hikes in those states, such as California, where regulators do not.
He said that sale of daily use items at excessive rate would not be tolerated.
The Executive has set aside up to Au30million to develop a Transitional Rate Relief Scheme to mitigate the impact of rates convergence on rate payers who would otherwise face excessive rate bills under merging councils.
The letter calls for the House to provide relief to flood-insurance policyholders currently facing excessive rate increases by urging leadership to add a provision to any appropriate legislative vehicle.
These ongoing and excessive rate increases are simply unsustainable, as many small businesses struggle simply to survive.
As a result, evenmore generous rental deals are required to entice new tenants, with landlords being prepared to share the excessive rate burden in some cases.
Many states have laws that allow insurance regulators to prohibit excessive rate increases.
Hazelhurst said it did not appear the bus was traveling at an excessive rate of speed, but the state police truck team was called to inspect the bus.
A large maternity hospital markedly decreased its excessive rate of labor inductions simply by strictly enforcing American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists's recommendations for averting inappropriate inductions.
Excessive rate hikes will only discourage ridership, which can't help the MTA's bottom line in the long run.
5 miles while on final approach, exceeding the recommended rate of 500 FPM, but the pilot did not immediately sense the excessive rate of closure and rate of descent.
Mr Harris, from Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, said he soon noticed the mileometer was ticking round at an excessive rate.