excessive rate

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Jason McKee continued to drive at an excessive rate when he turn off the motorway on to rain-soaked country lanes near Elvanfoot.
Dr Das called for a screening policy to be adopted as the Middle East, including Bahrain, falls under the 'global kidney stone-belt zone', which refers to regions with an excessive rate of kidney stones.
The city administration claimed to have launched a crackdown on milk retailers selling the daily use commodity at an excessive rate.
Following means may help achieve this - tariff reforms in the form of reducing excessive rate of return and other parameters, introducing competition, changing the fuel mix in favour of cheaper ones in the form of cheaper solar, wind and Thar coal; reduction of T and D losses and theft along with collection of bills regularly; improving law and order situation in major default areas of Pesco, Sepco and Qesco, in cooperation with provinces.
Fagan, who was driving a sheriff's Ford SUV entered the intersection from the north without stopping, according to complaints filed separately for each woman Monday in state Supreme Court.<br />There is a stop sign for traffic coming from Castle Gate and Country Downs Circle.<br />Fagan did not have any emergency lights or sirens turned on as he entered the intersection and he was not responding to an emergency call, according to the suit.<br />In addition to failing to stop at the stop sign, Fagan was driving "at an excessive rate of speed under the circumstances," according to the suit, filed for Allison Hyman by attorney Robert F.
NIGERIAN Agricultural policy makers have been advised to consider the significance of plantain/banana and tomato production in domestic and international market and come up with sustainablew production policy that will check excessive rate of wastages during the harvest.
The car, driven by Ashley Nelson Beck, 31, of Herrin, was traveling at "an excessive rate of speed and running stop signs," police said.
The company added that it is working hard to negotiate fair renewal terms with Sinclair, but cannot accept its proposed terms which have included excessive rate increases of no less than 80% and as far reaching as 380%, as well as the inclusion of channels that the majority of its customers do not want.
The cells reproduce more rapidly than normal, causing flaky skin and sebum (skin oil) to form at an excessive rate. Primary seborrhea can appear as a greasy form (seborrhea oleosa), a dry form (seborrhea sicca) or a combination of both.
"We will continue to monitor developments closely, and maintain a presence in the market as needed to smoothen excessive rate movements," Tetangco said.
9 that he was doing radar surveillance on Route 146 on the morning of the stop when the 1985 Impala passed by him at an excessive rate of speed.
These ongoing and excessive rate increases are simply unsustainable, as many small businesses struggle simply to survive.'