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Unfortunately, you can permanently destroy the character of a tree if you prune it excessively or incorrectly.
Several conditions, some of them at opposite ends of the cultural spectrum, have been implicated in the occurrence of bud drop: dry soil, overly wet soil, freezing winter temperatures, excessively warm winter temperatures and inadequate light exposure.
The reality is, we deal with quality of life issue, sometimes they involve homeless issues, but I wouldn't want to give the impression that the department is targeting or excessively focusing on homeless people stealing shopping carts,'' Kalish said.
Global temperatures may not drop excessively in 1992, however, because an El Nino has been growing in the equatorial Pacific since last summer (SN: 12/14/91, p.
And further savings in the existing system would provide even more relief to everyone who has been burdened by the excessively high sewer service charge.
Yazigi acknowledges that no human studies have linked cocaine use by fathers with birth defects or developmental problems, although some have found that newborns whose fathers drank excessively weighed less a birth than did infants of men who did not consume alcohol.
The girl's leg was swollen and she was crying excessively, Becker said.
Without giving specific examples, the 34-page report released July 18 characterizes storage rules set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) as excessively prescriptive and detailed.
But officials must investigate them thoroughly to avoid being stuck with problem parcels requiring excessively expensive cleanup work.