excessively confident

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Both are excessively confident in their ability as negotiators and have signaled their intent to pressure Israel by proclaiming their "neutrality" (though Trump has also expressed solidarity with Israel).
That difference translated into a lesser likelihood of being excessively confident and self-satisfied, Bianchi says.
Narcissistic people think they know best; they have a tendency to be assertive and excessively confident about their intelligence and judgment.
Given the brash and excessively confident claims made at the beginning Kinnear's tenure, such comments are unlikely to cut any ice with supports.
"However, HBOS was excessively confident that its understanding of UK residential mortgages and related securitisations gave it the ability to understand and evaluate the risks in a wide range of asset-backed investments."
"He seems excessively confident," said Faggioli, who has made a special study of ecclesiology and liturgy, "that this will not disturb the unity of the church."
Researchers took this as a marked difference translating into a smaller likelihood of being excessively confident and self-satisfied.
Oneda said there used to be a ''go-it-alone'' atmosphere in Sony with engineers excessively confident about their technologies.
They feel enormously creative and excessively confident. You may have found that in a manic phase you lose your judgement and are uninhibited.