exchange ideas

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You should have heard the way father went on about this "family" plan; he talked to every one he saw about it; he used to go round to the banker's and talk to the people there- -the people in the post-office; he used to try and exchange ideas about it with the waiters at the hotel.
She could not help thinking, too, that it would be very pleasant to have such a friend as Gilbert to jest and chatter with and exchange ideas about books and studies and ambitions.
A newsboy on the streets, a sailor, a miner, a wanderer in far lands, always where men came together to exchange ideas, to laugh and boast and dare, to relax, to forget the dull toil of tiresome nights and days, always they came together over alcohol.
At the beginning of their acquaintance Hayward, as a member of so celebrated a university, had adopted a patronising attitude towards Weeks, who was a graduate of Harvard; and when by chance the conversation turned upon the Greek tragedians, a subject upon which Hayward felt he spoke with authority, he had assumed the air that it was his part to give information rather than to exchange ideas.
Then I'd try to take an interest in whatever John likes--talk with him, let him read to you, exchange ideas, and help each other in that way.
Bygrave, because (though I am only a woman) I think I might exchange ideas with you on the subject of the reptile creation.
Osmania University was also established with this dream that it will be an institution of excellence where free minds will meet freely, interact and exchange ideas and live in peaceful co-existence.
A session was recently held at Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) Laboratories Complex, Karachi to highlight the importance of SandT and exchanging ideas of experts and policy makers to exchange ideas on the promotion of the very subject.
Participants will discuss and exchange ideas focused in four topic areas:
The group meets once a year to benchmark and exchange ideas on strategic planning, effective use of technology (including the Internet), relationships with government agencies, educational certification, professional standards, membership trends, and other issues.
Metalcasters and suppliers from across the globe will meet to exchange ideas this April at the 110th Metalcasting Congress, which is sponsored by AFS and NADCA.