exchange of blows

See: battle, fight
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Jurgis and the fourth stayed long enough to give themselves the satisfaction of a quick exchange of blows, and then they, too, took to their heels and fled back of the hotel and into the yards again.
It was earlier reported that the brief standoff led to jostling and exchange of blows between soldiers of the two armies; but, no shots were fired though.
The two men skirmished with the intruder in the middle of the shop during a furious exchange of blows, during which a bottle of Coke was launched across the shop.
This man has already been involved in an exchange of blows with fellow journalists and is known to be inciting [two bereaved fathers], to spread false stories.
The chair vibrated with the exchange of blows between Tarzan and enemy gorillas and crocodiles.
Kick right is one of the basic procedures of exchange of blows, which attempts to take over control of the match progresses players in tennis.
After an exchange of blows Bailey put a headlock on the killer who then reached into his blazer pocket and knifed his victim in the chest.
The attackers then pushed the victims that led to exchange of blows.
There was an exchange of blows and Roberts, described as the main instigator, was caught in Westgate.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Due to an exchange of blows that came after a heated discussion over Turkmens in Iraq on Monday, Parliament will have a two-day recess.
However, there was no exchange of blows or use of physical force by either party.
As part of their inquires, detectives travelled to interview Mr Prescott in his Humberside constituency a few days after he was involved in the exchange of blows.

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