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An exchange of letters between the leaders has raised expectations for a revival of stalled nuclear talks, though Iran is still likely to seek an easing of international sanctions in exchange for significant progress.
It had been agreed to hold this important phone call recently following an exchange of letters between the two heads of state, the Royal office release says.
An exchange of letters on the bilateral Nicaragua-Chile protocol, a Free Trade Agreement between Chile and Central America, was between foreign minister Samuel Santos Lopez and the Chilean Ambassador in Spain, Mr Hernan Mena Taboada.
Russia formalised, on 23 May, an official exchange of letters with the Nuclear Energy Agency of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the first step towards full OECD membership.
Hopefully, this exchange of letters will make us all think twice about how we address those with whom we disagree politically, no matter how strongly.
Netanyahu promised to reply within two weeks and both sides issued a joint statement following the meeting in Jerusalem:"Both sides hope the exchange of letters will help find a way to advance peace," A top official stated that Salaam Fyadd was unable to join the meeting on such as important day marking Palestine Prisoners Day and the release of Khader Adnan.
The foreign minister also said that it is anticipated as a result of this, that there will be an exchange of letters between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu soon," AlRafie said.
Here are seven articles and letters from the newspaper, discussions within the Socialist Workers Party, and an exchange of letters between its members taking up the issue from a materialist viewpoint.
Referring to the last round of talks on Iran's nuclear program hosted by Turkey last January, Davutoy-lu said the process had been pursued only through an exchange of letters since then.
The person was speaking on condition of anonymity because the exchange of letters between the government and the Commission was still in an informal phase.
The UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) said it has sealed its relationship with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) through the signing of an exchange of letters.
The governments of Jordan and Japan signed on Wednesday the Exchange of Letters for a grant to the value of $560,000 to finance the detailed design for the project "Rehabilitation and Improvement of Water Facilities at Tafileh governorate", extended through Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) under its Grant Aid Program for Environment and Climate Change Issue,.

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