exchange of views

References in classic literature ?
It had been agreed to speak as little as possible: they did not even renew the exchange of views regarding the defection of Palmer, which had occupied their minds on the way.
There was an acute interest in all their faces dur- ing this exchange of view points.
She will present the priorities for Finlands Presidency in the field of justice affairs and have an exchange of views with members of the committees.
"Good exchange of views on a range of issues with the visiting US bipartisan Congressional Delegation comprising @RepHolding @RepLoisFrankel @RepBrownley @JimPressOffice @RepJoeWilson," Jaishakar wrote on Twitter.
During the meeting, an exchange of views took place on the prospects for cooperation in trade and economy.
The meeting has discussed the coordination of stances and the exchange of views and support at the international forums.
There was a detailed exchange of views on the developments in the Pakistani market and on combating frauds.
They had an in-depth exchange of views on bilateral relations and regional and global issues.
Yacob said that she had an exchange of views with President Sirisena on Singapore and Sri Lanka's healthcare and education systems and reaffirmed the friendship between the two countries.
He said his meeting with Pir Pagara was part of exchange of views with all stakeholders for quality control in completion of ongoing development projects.
Mr Watt was addressing the crowd when George Morgan of the ILP took exception to his remarks and ignited a lively exchange of views.
Wong added there was only an exchange of views and no decision taken at the meeting.