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One way in which they do this is via the #Hours or 'Online-Hours' - 60-minute online networking sessions These are where business owners can come together online to share information and exchange opinions, using a dedicated hashtag.
Youth must exchange opinions and ideas in a well-mannered way to promote harmony, he observed.
He added, "The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud urges us that there should always be a permanent cooperation between the citizen and the official, indicating that the doors of officials of Ministry of Defense are always open for all to exchange opinions," wishing them all success.
The SCO became a unique international association for cooperation to exchange opinions and develop mutually acceptable mechanisms in the field of security, trade, economic and cultural cooperation.
This workshop was organised to present right and new medical information on issues regarding Haj and to exchange opinions among teams taking part with the ministry," she said.
It was an opportunity to exchange opinions and benefiting from other experiences.
The Tehran International Book Fair is considered the most significant event of its kind in Asia and the Middle East and a significant venue for publishers and book lovers to exchange opinions and experiences.
She described the event as a good opportunity to exchange opinions on promoting joint action and explore mechanisms to empower women and ensure their political participation.
In the afternoon, he will exchange opinions with livestock farmers in the village of Iitate, which is located outside the no-go zone but has been ordered by the government to evacuate all residents by late May.
Kim will also exchange opinions on the situation in the Korean Peninsula after the North's deadly shelling of a South Korean island in November and is expected to brief Maehara on the outcome of preliminary talks for a high-level defense meeting between North and South Korea.
Although there is a possibility Kim may continue on to a third country, since a deputy director for Chinese affairs accompanied him on the flight, there is also a chance that he will exchange opinions with Chinese officials on North Korea's artillery attack on South Korea.
He underlined the importance of the Syrian-Swedish Universities Forum which started activities on Tuesday in Damascus, highlighting its role in providing opportunities for teachers and academicians to exchange opinions and the scientific and academic expertise.