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The leadership from Pakistan and Russia discussed current state of bilateral relations and prospects for their development as well as to exchange opinions on topical issues on the international and regional agenda, according to the Russian embassy in Islamabad.
Two years later, we meet again in Sarajevo and I'm glad that President Grabar-KitaroviA came so that we can exchange opinions and views and I believe that the President will try to create an atmosphere of cooperation and understanding, because that is her goal,' said PuljiA after the meeting held at the Croatian Embassy in Sarajevo.
During the visit, we also hope to hold a big Kyrgyz-Uzbek exhibition of goods manufactured in both countries, and to exchange opinions in general.
Manama, May 29 (BNA): His Highness Deputy Premier Shaikh Ali bin Khalifa Al-Khalifa stressed the importance of Ramadan Majlisses in consolidating cooperation and communication between Bahrainis and providing a platform to exchange opinions about ways of staving off challenges.
They will also exchange opinions on topics such as applicable fees for commercial cases, as well as how to best educate the public on legal and judicial concepts.
One way in which they do this is via the #Hours or 'Online-Hours' - 60-minute online networking sessions These are where business owners can come together online to share information and exchange opinions, using a dedicated hashtag.
Youth must exchange opinions and ideas in a well-mannered way to promote harmony, he observed.
The SCO became a unique international association for cooperation to exchange opinions and develop mutually acceptable mechanisms in the field of security, trade, economic and cultural cooperation.
HRH the Premier stressed the need to exchange opinions and unify decisions to achieve aspired goals.
It was an opportunity to exchange opinions and benefiting from other experiences.
The Tehran International Book Fair is considered the most significant event of its kind in Asia and the Middle East and a significant venue for publishers and book lovers to exchange opinions and experiences.
In the afternoon, he will exchange opinions with livestock farmers in the village of Iitate, which is located outside the no-go zone but has been ordered by the government to evacuate all residents by late May.