Rate of exchange

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RATE OF EXCHANGE. Among merchants, by rate of exchange is understood the price at which a bill drawn in one country upon another, may be sold in the former.

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Amihud (1994) finds no evidence of a significant exchange rate exposure for the 32 largest U.
The official exchange rate of manat to Turkish lira set by the CBA increased by 0.
Have these dollar exchange rates made you feel like taking your very own inexpensive vacation?
From a different approach, among the models of exchange rate determination, the monetary approach has been used to explain volatility occurring after implementation of the floating exchange rate system in 1973 (Wilson, Journal of Business Inquiry, 2009).
Since the collapse of the Bretton Woods system, the explanation of exchange rate dynamics has been the biggest challenge in international finance.
This problem is especially apparent in the study of real exchange rate movements among high-income, financially developed countries with floating exchange rates.
Nonetheless, by the end of April the real exchange rate index reached 108 due to two evolutions.
Increase in imports is mainly due to import of petroleum and its related products in the midst of fast- depreciating exchange rate.
Pegged exchange rate is a regime in which the central bank announces an official (par value) of its currency and then maintains the actual market rate within a narrow band by intervening in the forex market.
dollar exchange rate falls below 32,000 rials, a member of Iran's chamber of commerce, industry, and mine has said.
More flexible exchange rate regimes are associated with smaller responses of output during commodity price episodes.