exchange value

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Nothing they wore in the way of clothing, but from around each of their necks he removed a necklace of porpoise teeth that was worth a gold sovereign in mere exchange value.
I then insisted on the matter being submitted to arbitration, and demanded fifteen hundred pounds as the full exchange value of the picture.
But you make my head spin with your confounded exchange values and stuff.
It has resolved personal worth into exchange value.
Mine is no squalor of song that cannot transmute itself, with proper exchange value, into a flower-crowned cottage, a sweet mountain-meadow, a grove of red-woods, an orchard of thirty-seven trees, one long row of blackberries and two short rows of strawberries, to say nothing of a quarter of a mile of gurgling brook.
Garhi added that the ongoing rise of foreign exchange value against the Egyptian pound on the informal market and the widening gap of more than 40% between the formal and informal value will cause many crises.
Further, users will also get an additional exchange value of Rs.
High-status exclusive watches are often regarded as investments and, during 2015, the strong exchange value of the Swiss franc deterred many tourists from buying these items in Switzerland as they can be purchased elsewhere at lower prices.
It has also fixed the exchange value for surplus plasma available at blood banks.
The second step is fixing of an exchange value for surplus plasma available at some blood banks in the country.
He attributed the Monday's surge in the dollar value due to currency movements in the regional and international markets, and speculations in the local market about further appreciation in dollar's exchange value.
Under the arrangements, each member of the public will be issued upto three packets of Rs 10 notes and one packet each of Rs 20, Rs 50 and Rs 100 of fresh notes against exchange value subject to production of their original CNIC / smart card only at the counter.