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The proposal is further premised on the argument that introduction of security marking or tax stamps is of vital importance in combating illegal trade of all excisable commodities through a smart and secure technology having secure codes and trackable throughout the distribution chain.
A circular has also been issued specifying the procedure to be followed in respect of excisable goods, which are removed from a duty free shop.
Our hologram technology and enforcement methodology with our Track & Trace System, enables government agencies to not only substantially increase their revenues from the sale of excisable products but to dramatically block illegal uses that often fund transnational criminal and terrorist activities," said Alexander Vassiliev, Chairman of EDAPS.
The Tobacco Institute of Southern Africa (TISA) CEO Francois van der Merwe told Tobacco Journal International this imbalance of excise duty between states is one of the main drivers for the illicit trade in excisable products.
The downward adjustment in the annual dynamics of the adjusted CORE2 inflation (less excisable goods) was slower than in the prior month (-0.
In another notification, the government has also exempted business auxiliary services provided by sub- brokers to stock brokers, or by anybody to someone engaged in manufacturing of excisable items like pharmaceuticals, medicines, perfume, cosmetics and toilet preparations containing alcohol from paying service tax.
To posit Spicer as spokesbard for homosexuality or even fraternity is roughly like recognizing Ezra Pound as the ideologue of political harmony: it is true if certain insensitive outbursts (which are not excisable from the aesthetic as a whole) are overlooked.
Yesterday he admitted dealing with excisable product at Dundalk District Court.
With sufficient improvements in collection efficiency and the growth of a middle class whose consumption of excisable goods was expanding, tax rates did not need to rise for revenues to increase substantially in the 18th century.
Manufacturers of excisable commodities registered with sales tax are being exempted from keeping separate raw material accounts and submitting quarterly returns of consumption.
It argued it needed to provide an incentive to staff in a bid to keep them from jumping ship and joining one of its rivals as their share options, many excisable at pounds 16, were now worthless.
209) The tax is also imposed on producers or importers who excessively waste any excisable good during any stage of its turnover.