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Adams once hoped that her second son would be made an exciseman by Lady Booby, but here the wandering peddler is made a local exciseman.
obstinately and contemptuously neglect and refuse to call to his Assistance the keeper of the same prison" while his wife joined other inmates in assaulting Lawrence Parker, a notorious exciseman.
When he quit farming in 1786, Burns' new vocation as an exciseman took him all over the Scottish Lowlands and Borders, with frequent forays into the Highlands.
To improve his meagre income, Burns became an exciseman and was a leading figure in the capture of the brig Rosamond, which was involved in smuggling in the Solway Firth.
Darwin told Edgeworth: Mr Keir amuses his vacant hours by mixing oil and alkaline salts together, to preserve his Majesty's subjects clean and sweet - and pays 100 Guineas every week to an animal called an Exciseman.
As an autodidact grazier's son turned exciseman turned schoolmaster and factotum scrivener with a decidedly prickly sense of himself, Cannon was certainly not typical.
It is 50 years since audiences fell in love with the tale of Hebridean islanders plundering Scotch from a shipwreck, while keeping one step ahead of the exciseman.
As an Exciseman he'd have been tried for treason which would definitely have led to a noose around his neck.
These combined to embark him on a new career as an exciseman.
John Money's study of 'the retailing of knowledge in provincial England during the eighteenth century', following up on his 1976 article on schoolmasters, moves skilfully from quantitative analyses of mathematical writers and those engaged in occupations employing mathematics, to an examination of the voracious book-buying, diverse reading, and developing attitudes of the onetime exciseman and largely self-taught schoolmaster, John Cannon (b.
ROBERT Burns was an exciseman in the Annan area and is said to have written The Diel's Awa' Wi' The Exciseman while lodging at Provost Williamson's house in the town.
When he quit farming, his job as an exciseman took him all over the Scottish Lowlands and Borders, with frequent forays into the Highlands.