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obstinately and contemptuously neglect and refuse to call to his Assistance the keeper of the same prison" while his wife joined other inmates in assaulting Lawrence Parker, a notorious exciseman.
These combined to embark him on a new career as an exciseman.
Exciseman Charles McColl was the main campaigner against the bootleggers.
When he quit farming, his job as an exciseman took him all over the Scottish Lowlands and Borders, with frequent forays into the Highlands.
Try sowing your wild oats beside Sweet Afton nowadays, and the Child Support Agency will be after you faster than an exciseman at Hogmanay.
There's also his exciseman pistols, a lock of his hair, his wife Jean Armour's wedding ring and plenty of other personal possessions and letters.
He claims the poems were published in the 1790s after Burns was appointed as an Exciseman for the Crown.
Joe, Nancy's exciseman boyfriend, warns Freddie that the police have been sent an anonymous letter in response, implicating him.
Instead, he decided to try his hand as an exciseman.
It is no longer a cheeky enterprise by away-day smugglers thumbing their noses at the Exciseman.