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This location afforded Smith a sweeping view of the expansive land, enabling him to spot the King's soldiers and excisemen long before they entered the glen.
94] Two excisemen "seiz'd a woman in Lambs conduit fields for retailing Geneva; but notice being given to some cricket-players, they immediately came to her assistance .
146] He was the most zealous of the excisemen employed by the Board against petty retailers, and his death almost certainly severed a vital link in the networks and partnerships connecting informers in greater London.
He talks about everything that happened in the valley, including the whisky, the excisemen and the illicit stills - it's the first evidence of them in written form.
It is said he used to stash his contraband under the pulpit when the excisemen came to town.
Justices and excisemen were dependent on informers whom they recruited, and this simply induced further social resentment and ultimately riots that were intended to intimidate anyone thinking of providing information for prosecution.
Andy Wilson, 44, whose car repair business AutoDoc is next door, thought the unit was unused and was amazed when the excisemen arrived.
I have seen within a year, riots in the country over corn, riots over elections, riots about workhouses; riots of colliers, weavers, sawyers and coal-heavers; riots of Wilkesites; riots of government chairmen; riots of smugglers, in which custom house officers and excisemen have been murdered, the King's armed vessels and troops tire at.
A jury heard Peterhead fisherman Baird MacKenzie was working with excisemen while feeding lies to Thomas Porter about a boat to be used for a drugs run from Morocco.