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We describe a simple option- keystone design, islanded, perforator flap from the adjacent area for the cover of axillary defect after wide local excision of scarred, infected skin affected by hidradenitis suppurativa of axilla.
Results: All patients who underwent ligation and excision procedures did well initially.
Excision of larger CMN might require serial excisions under general anesthesia, the use of tissue expanders, and grafts," Dr.
This risk appears to be age related and even complete cyst excision does not confer complete immunity17-,23.
Many types of rabbit ear hypertrophic scar have been produced until now by 5 mm (Xiao and Xi, 2013) and 6 mm circular ventral skin excision (Morris et al.
Materials and Methods: Thirty-five cases who underwent eyelid tumor excision in different centers and were admitted to our clinic with recurrent eyelid tumors.
One case of unilateral, three cases of bilateral and one eye of a bilateral cherry eye (total 8 eyes) were managed by surgical excision of gland of third eyelid (Fig.
We set out to evaluate the rates of pathologic upgrade on excision of small ([less than or equal to] 5 mm) radial scars without atypia diagnosed in NCBs with a particular interest in identifying a subset of these patients who may benefit from conservative management.
Objective: To compare single intra-operative versus an intra-operative and two post-operative injections of triamcinolone after wedge excision of keloids of helix.
Intact Medical focuses design, development and marketing of innovative, minimally invasive systems for the excision of tissue for diagnostic and therapeutic applications in select cancer markets.
Many methods of surgical and nonsurgical treatment have been described in the literature [1], including: excision and lyingopen, excision and primary closure of the wound [1], rhombflap procedure [4,5].
A fascial defect that developed in two patients after surgical excision was repaired with prolene suture material by us.